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[KK]Super BFK Music Video [KK]Super BFK Music Video

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A fine depiction of BFK.

BFK is and always has been a dancer of Michael Jackson's level, at least. It was too bad that he had been, before this, forced only to dance in and choreograph the glorified softcore porn shoots of uncreative "artists" who hoped to hide their lack of talent with mounds of sex appeal. But this video shows, finally, exactly how much he really knows about dance and choreography. You seem to have a fine appreciation for talent, so rare in the modern industry. I look forward to seeing more videos of this caliber from you.

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Yukari Art Project Yukari Art Project

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A rather nice depiction.

Except that my hair is rarely quite so wild. Maybe in the middle of a danmaku duel, but it's uncommon to see me participating in those either. Still, certainly one of your nicer works, though I may be a bit biased.

And yes, the ink is a bit shiny. The face is slightly off compared to your base, but it's no problem, just a less devious and more bored look. Overall, it's worth a 9, no connection to that ice fairy.

ZeroInsanity responds:

Why, thank you, madame. *bows*
Glad to know you're pleased with my work.