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Entry #2

Touhou Team

2009-08-13 22:03:02 by YukariYakumo

That's right, a new crew. We'll be making some Flash before long, so be on the lookout for us in the Portal. This should turn out mildly interesting. Maybe you'll want to join, too? /


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2009-09-29 23:51:57 least do one good non-spam submission, please.

YukariYakumo responds:

Eventually. I wanted to do one for StagBeetle Day, but I forgot, and then I remembered that it wasn't that important.


2010-01-20 22:52:21

Anything of a high caliber of quality coming up? :3

YukariYakumo responds:

Ran and I were working on one project, but I fell asleep. Maybe when Spring comes we'll get back to work.


2010-01-21 00:12:39



2010-01-29 11:14:24

Yuka is better than Yukari

YukariYakumo responds:

She's a cute flower girl, but her flowers don't throw all of the afterlife at you, do they? Because my gaps do that.