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2009-07-24 22:20:21 by YukariYakumo

This website is such a quaint little place, I suppose I could stay here a bit.

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2009-07-24 22:58:11

Since the thread is locked:


He's your farther, lord, hero, savior, god, king, teacher, guardian, F├╝ther, and creator of the Holy Anarchy of

He created us and by climbing in the Universe's window and fucking her silly with his golden 9,001 light-year sized cock. Then he climbed into your, my and the regs' mother's window and fucked them silly, making us. He fucked a select few and their children became mods, or Fulp's priests. YOU WILL NOT QUESTION YOUR LORD AND FATHER, YOU WILL NOT DEFY YOUR LORD AND FATHER AND YOU WILL BOW DOWN AS TOM FILLS YOUR UTERUS, BOWELS, LUNGS, STOMACH, AND THROAT WITH HIS MAGIC CUM.

You understand now?

YukariYakumo responds:

I knew he created the website, I was merely inquiring into his race and his danmaku strategy.


2009-07-24 23:05:32

A Tiny Tiny Clever Commander > Necrofantasia.

YukariYakumo responds:

Though Nazrin's music is not bad, it just doesn't have quite the feel of Necrofantasia, the feel of an epic battle as boundaries are made, broken, remade, moved over and over again until you feel yourself tearing apart at the seams as your own defining boundary dissolves.


2009-07-24 23:56:13

You're clearly a Touhou fan. Me too. :)


2009-07-25 02:32:24


We're fucked.

YukariYakumo responds:

You certainly do have a passion for nekomimi and kemonomimi, don't you? Well if you're fucked, it's not going to be me doing the fucking; all the dirty work is left to Ran.


2009-07-25 21:15:45

You're here now as well? Certainly, you're letting your guard on the boundary down, but it was for this purpose?

I wonder what your true intents are, Yukari.

YukariYakumo responds:

Ah, Patchouli. I haven't been able to uncover the Fulp's danmaku habits, perhaps you've read something about it?


2009-07-27 02:36:44

What? You're gonna get Ran to rape me?

Well I'm not objecting to that idea...

YukariYakumo responds:

Maybe if you're lucky, she'll let you get her from behind and wrap you in her nine warm, bushy tails.


2010-05-01 16:43:24

Clock Leave The Great border mistress alone, My My My miss Yukari coming all the way here from Gensokyo, it is truly an honor to feel your presence, may I ask who is watching the border? Oh and is sakuya still padding her chest?